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Thanks for visiting to learn more about me. My name is Jennifer McCluskey and I am the owner and photographer for McCluskey Photography LLC. I have lived and worked in the North Country since 2008. I grew up in Nashville, TN and have lived in various places around the country from North Carolina, to Washington, DC, to upstate New York. I find the North Country to be a beautiful place with great scenery for photographing, and wonderful, kind people who have welcomed me and my camera into their homes and lives.

Jennifer Mc Photography

When I started the business in 2009, I had a purpose in mind. I felt like far too many people miss the small moments of beauty in their lives, instead thinking too much on the negatives in the world. I wanted to capture these moments of beauty, joy, and heartfelt emotion to help remind people of all the good that is out there. I feel like I have begun to accomplish that over the last several years in business, and want to work more to meet that goal. Additionally I have come to love the families who have me back to photograph their journey year after year.  These relationships are what makes it all worthwhile for me.

So I know you have a lot of choices for who you want to have document those precious moments in your life. Working quickly to capture those fleeting moments is one of my specialties.  It requires quick thinking, an understanding of light and equipment honed so well that it becomes instinctive. I can capture these moments in any setting and any lighting condition, and I make sure always to be professional. I let my clients lead the way to what they want, and I match my vision up with theirs and add my skills to create beautiful images. I hope that the images you see on my website, blog, and Facebook page give you an idea of the work that I do, and I look forward to talking more with you about how I can help capture the special moments of your life.

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