Architectural Photographer near Watertown, NY: Photographs of the Woolworth Building

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A few weeks ago I had the enjoyable opportunity of photographing the newly renovated Woolworth Building in Watertown. I was hired by Purcell Construction to document the improvements they made to the iconic Watertown landmark. I loved how they had restored the original beauty of the building while modernizing the rooms and facilities to create a great place to live right in the heart of downtown.

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One of the techniques I have been working on this year is balancing flash with natural lighting. I was really able to use this here for great effect. In the first image below, with no flash, the room is clear but it is hard to see the incredible views that are the highlight of these apartments. In the second I added flash so it would be possible to evenly expose the room while also maintaing proper exposure of the outside view. This is why hiring an experienced professional photographer can make a difference in real estate photography.

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