Family photographer in Canton 2016

Getting to know Teanna, Mike, and all the kiddos in their family was a lot of fun.  Mike and Teanna moved to the area recently and we met over the summer while I was working on Pee Wee Soccer pictures.  They wanted to come by the studio for Ricky’s six months session and some family pictures.  Due to crazy scheduling and fall-down-the-stairs mishaps, we had to split up the session, so we worked with Ricky in the studio first.  Luckily, my 6-year-old son is a great older brother/sister entertainer so they all played backyard hockey while Ricky, Mike, and I tried out some different backdrops and cute outfits.  This was my favorite one!  Ricky’s brothers and sisters came into the studio briefly and started making faces at him, I just loved the huge grin on his face and his big laugh seeing them.  You can tell that this family all love each other a lot!


A few days later we all headed outside for family pictures.  It was the very end of the fall season, but I knew that the hill by SUNY Canton still had a few trees with some pretty yellow leaves hanging on.  It was freezing, so I came early and set up so we could get everyone in position as quickly as possible and got a few wall-worthy shots.  I loved that the yellow blanket of leaves was still on the ground.  We were just in time too, on Monday the campus staff was out vacuuming them all up.  Teanna told me later that she absolutely loved all the photographs we took, it’s great when people love your work!