Superhero Sessions

photography with color gels

Bring out the inner super hero in your kid! I’m now offering “Super Hero Sessions” as an add on to any family session, for no additional charge. How they work is either before or after our regular photo session, we’ll set some time aside in the studio to get some creatively lit photographs of your child in costume. I use colored gels to create an interesting mood to the images. I’m calling them super hero sessions, but they could really be anything. . . super princesses, super scientists, super ghosts and goblins, whatever fun costumes you all can put together. And by the way, the same lighting style can be used for sports pictures, so if your high school senior wants to look really epic in their photo shoot we can do one of these too.

So give me a call or email me to schedule your shoot, and just ask for the “Super Hero Session.” The only additional information I’d need is a photo texted or emailed of the costume so that I can plan out a good color scheme. Ask for Jennifer, 315-244-5220 or