1000 Islands Harbor Hotel Wedding

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I really loved Kathy and David’s story. When they were young, she lived right down the street. They often dog-sat for each other. They grew up, and life took them in separate directions, but several years ago they found each other again. I was honored to witness their wedding day and the sweet love and joy they have in each other. The look on David’s face when he first saw Kathy that afternoon really says it all.

We went out to their camp nearby in the Thousand Islands, right on the Seaway.  It was such a beautiful and peaceful place, I know why Kathy and David love to spend their summers there.


Then we came back to the 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel for the ceremony.  It was a little too cold to be outside, so Kathy and David exchanged rings and vows while the sun set behind them through the windows.

After the ceremony, David had a surprise for Kathy, with her favorite thing in the whole world (well other than him and their family and friends) . . . fireworks!


And then, there was some good eatin’ and some dancing!

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What a beautiful night and a lovely couple to wrap up my 2016 wedding season!  Thanks so much to them for allowing me to be a part of their lives for a little while.