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North Country Wedding Photographer:
Erin and Phil’s Wedding

I started the day photographing Erin and her ladies. I could tell they were having so much fun together, and seemed to be great friends.

Erin and her father then headed down to the river, where she and Phil were so happy to finally see each other. Erin and Phil wrote their own vows, and their great sense of humor and joy in each other was so clear. Erin and Phil were up there just having fun, with no stress or worries at all, and I can tell that their marriage will be just as fun for them. I also enjoyed capturing the emotion among their families since everyone was so happy to see Phil and Erin coming together on their wedding day.



Erin2015_16 Erin2015_17 Erin2015_20

I got to know Erin and her family a bit more during our family portraits by the Seaway. The laughter continued through picture time, and everyone had fun spending time together.


I loved the sunglasses (and they were definitely needed today). And the shoes rocked!

And then it was time for the party! The youngest guest slept through it, but everyone else had a great time.


We had a few moments right at sunset to take a few pictures outside.


We finished the evening off with a little dancing.



Just before I left we all decided to have some fun with sparklers. I love doing these kinds of creative night shots, so thanks to Erin and Phil for working with me. And thanks to them too for welcoming me so warmly into their family for their wedding day. We ended the day with a few hugs. I was a little sad that such a beautiful day had ended, but I was so happy for Phil and Erin.