Ogdensburg, NY Wedding Photographer: Elise and Ryan’s Wedding

photographer in Ogdensburg, NY

Elise and Ryan had a beautiful day for their wedding. I could tell from watching their quiet confidence in each other and their ability to share a laugh together, that their love for each other is strong. They have had a lot of time to plan their wedding (the word “finally!” was heard a lot throughout the day), but their attention to detail really showed how important this day was to both of them.
Elise got ready in the cabin down by the water at the Gran-View in Ogdensburg. As she was getting her hair done, her father sat outside planning his reception speech. One of my favorite moments was the excitement and tears on Elise’s grandmother’s face when she saw her for the first time in her wedding dress.


Ryan and Elise got married in the gorgeous St. Mary’s Cathedral in Ogdensburg. This was my first time photographing a wedding at this particular St. Mary’s and I was thrilled to realize how beautiful it is inside. The flowing lines of the architecture added a beautiful touch to the ceremony.

photographer in Ogdensburg, NYphotographer in Ogdensburg, NY

photographer in Ogdensburg, NY

photographer in Ogdensburg, NY

photographers in Ogdensburg, NY

We stayed at the church for a few formal pictures, and then took a brief limo ride over to the Gran-View for more pictures by the water.  Elise and Ryan enjoyed seeing the large tankers float by, especially since Elise’s first job had been on the locks.


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Then it was time for some dancing, and for Elise’s father to give the speech he had worked so hard on earlier in the day.  He had some great stories to share of Elise when she was younger, and I could tell he was so happy to be bringing Ryan into the family.  Ryan’s brother and Elise’s sister spoke too, sharing stories that made everyone laugh and also brought out a few tears.

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A big thunderstorm had rolled in while the reception was happening, and we thought for a while that it might keep us from seeing the sunset.  Fortunately, there were only a few drops of rain left as the sun peeked from behind some spectacular clouds, creating a rainbow that was the perfect end to a perfect wedding day.