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One thing I love about Northern New York, St. Lawrence County, and Malone is the beautiful waterways that flow through them. My first start as a photographer was in nature photography, and I have brought that first love with me into my life as a wedding photographer. I really got to use those skills at Heather and Ethan’s wedding. It was a backyard wedding with the most gorgeous waterfall running behind the yard.  Getting wedding photographs in such a beautiful location made it such a wonderful day.

Ethan and Heather’s wedding was also all about family. I loved seeing all the hugs, and joy that everyone had in being there supporting both Heather and Ethan. I could tell their love in each other was solid, and shared by all the wonderful people who were there for their day. It was just such a fun backyard wedding. . . and when the backyard has a waterfall, why not?