Photography Education 01-2017

camera skills

This is the first video in an educational series I will be creating this winter to help people learn how to use their cameras better. It gives a brief overview of the three things that come together to create a photograph:
1. The Aperture-or hole in the camera and lens that let light in.
2. The Shutter-which opens and closes (or in some cameras, turns on and off) to allow light to hit the sensor or film.
3. ISO- how sensitive the film or sensor is to light.
Many of the buttons on your camera that seem so complicated are merely the camera’s way of trying to guess how you want these three items to be set to create the photograph that you want. I’ll be describing each of the three items in further videos, as well as other information such as focusing and white balance in a way that can help everyone learn how to Get Out of Auto Mode!photography education