Tanner Creek Farm Wedding

tanner creek farm
tanner creek farm

Nestled in the heart of Dekalb, in the picturesque St. Lawrence County, lies Tanner Creek Farm—a charming haven that boasts a lovingly renovated barn, sprawling landscapes, and the tranquil melodies of a babbling stream. As a wedding photographer, I recently had the privilege of capturing the magic of a fall celebration at this rustic paradise. Join me on a journey through the lens as we explore the beauty of this enchanting wedding venue near the towns of Canton, Ogdensburg, and Gouverneur in Northern New York between the Adirondacks and Canada.

The Setting:

Tanner Creek Farm is not just a wedding venue; it’s a working farm with a soul. The barn, a masterpiece of restoration, stands tall as a testament to the rich history of the property. As I arrived, I was greeted by the inviting charm of the surroundings—a harmonious blend of nature and human craftsmanship. The property features several ponds and a meandering stream, creating a serene backdrop that adds an extra layer of enchantment to any celebration.

The Bride got ready in the lower level of the barn, her white cowboy boots echoing the fun and casual vibe of the day.

Exploring the Beauty:

The joy of being a wedding photographer lies in the exploration of unique settings, and Tanner Creek Farm did not disappoint. From the moment I set foot on the property, I felt inspired by the rustic elegance that surrounded me. The couple had chosen to exchange their vows outdoors, overlooking one of the tranquil ponds—a decision that added an extra touch of natural beauty to the ceremony.

Fall Magic:

The choice of a fall wedding proved to be a stroke of brilliance, with the landscape adorned in a rich tapestry of reds, oranges, and yellows. The love shared by the couple was beautifully complemented by the natural splendor of the season. The crisp air, the rustle of leaves, and the golden glow of sunlight created a magical atmosphere that resonated throughout the day.

One of the highlights of this wedding was the photoshoot on the bluff overlooking the gently flowing stream. As the fall colors painted the landscape in warm hues, the water mirrored the vibrant reflections of the changing leaves. It was a photographer’s dream, with each click capturing the essence of the season and the love that filled the air.


tanner creek farm weddings


Tanner Creek Farm, with its historic barn, scenic ponds, and flowing stream, provided an idyllic backdrop for a wedding celebration that will be remembered for a lifetime. As a wedding photographer, it was a privilege to document the love and joy that unfolded against the canvas of this charming venue. If you’re seeking a rustic yet elegant setting for your special day, Tanner Creek Farm in Dekalb is undoubtedly a gem worth considering.

tanner creek farm